Book Latte’s Mouth-watering 99-ers Express Meals


An artistic depiction of a “Binukot” princess based on the legendary Hiligaynon literature in form of a mural art creates a pleasing vibe inside Book Latte.

Book Latte is capturing the affinity of food lovers once again. But this time, it’s more than just coffee and beverages to bring your taste buds to the next level of delight. With the fast-paced lifestyle of Ilonggos who are working in the BPO industry or catching up for a luscious brunch in Festive Walk Parade, Book Latte answers all your culinary cravings with their newly-launched “99-ers” (Ninety Nine Pesos) meals.

DSC_0469 - Copy


Delicious Cordon Bleau with Mushroom Soup for only Php 99 is good enough to satisfy your culinary cravings

Though Book Latte is swiftly carving a niche in the expanding coffee culture of Iloilo as one of the best and the most-visited coffee shops in the metro, this coffee haven that opened their second branch in Festive Walk Parade at Iloilo Business Park is set to tickle the taste buds of food lovers.

DSC_0474 - Copy

Waffle Salad and Chicken and Garlic is another easy-on-the-pocket express 99ers meal at Book Latte

Gathering some of the city’s young and prolific bloggers and food reviewers on the evening of July 15, Book Latte made a delightful impression by unveiling their delicious and healthy 99-ers express meals for Ilonggos and coffee aficionados.

Mouth-watering and reasonably-priced for only Php 99, get your appetite soaring with Cordon Bleu with Mushroom Soup, Waffle Salad and Chicken and Garlic, and Soy Glazed Fish Fillet with Pancit Molo. They also serve 99ers Book Latte special Burger that would satisfy your hungry tummy. You can pair these delectable express meals with their refreshing beverages, shakes and juices. After a hearty late brunch or dinner with these delicious 99ers special, you can order a cup of your choice coffee flavours and concoctions.



You’ve got to try Soy Glazed Fish Fillet with Pancit Molo for only Php 99!

These scrumptious culinary specialties served with passion to please your budget are available from 7AM to 10AM daily, a great gastronomic treat for those wanting to experience healthy meal in a comfy ambiance. Starting September this year, Book Latte will be opening 24-hours daily to cater more food lovers and coffee aficionados, and these luscious 99ers will be available round the clock.

Aside from the delectable gastronomic escapade or during your coffee time, you can pick something to read – a novel or a magazine from their mini-library packed with great books to follow. Book Latte fulfil your healthy cravings for the best gastronomic fare in the township and food for your soul with their book collections, giving you the near-perfect ambiance to spend your time with passion.



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